Infinity Chines Miracle 2 Update V1.56 Setup File



All Flash Read Write Solution Update File

All Time Update Flash File By Master Telecom

Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.56 – Helio X20/X25, Secure Fever and more

Mediatek FP Platform:

– MT6276
Improved FW Reading engine
> New types supported
New FlashIDs included
EMI builder updated
FW reading Speed improved, about 2x times faster
Some other bugfixes mentioned by users

– MT6255
Improved FW Reading engine
> New types supported
New FlashIDs included
FW reading Speed improved, about 2x times faster
256 MiB Flash ICs supported
Some other bugfixes mentioned by users

Mediatek SP Platform:

MT6797(T) – New HighEnd DECA-Core CPU from MediaTek: Helio X20, Helio X25

– MT6797 ( Helio 2x series ) support activated !
Firmware Read and Write (as factory one)
Signed FW Read and Write
Factory FW flashing
Read full info (with extended and security info)
FlashDump Read / Write
NVRAM Read / Write
UserLocks Reset (include fingerprint lock) without data lost !
HW test – eMMC RO test
Security repair – IMEI1, IMEI2
SP unlock ( Unlock Code Reading )
SP unlock ( Direct Unlock )
Format FileSystem / Reset settings: FRP, Privacy and rest user locks included
Reset FRP lock: Google Reset Protection
Reset Privacy Lock
Repair ExtData
Flash Erase
Fix Unknown BaseBand
Init Preloader
Forensic: PhoneBook extraction
Forensic: User Gallery (Photo / Video) extraction
Read ModemConfiguration file ( BPLGUI )
Modem ReInit
FastBoot mode operations

– Flash Engine updated
MT6797 FW flashing activated
MT6750, MT6755, MT6797 specific changes:
Activated ability of flashing SIGNED firmwares – WorldFirst !
Activated ability of flashing SECURE firmwares – WorldFirst !
MT65xx, MT67xx, MT81xx specific changes:
Activated SECURED type detection – WorldFirst !
CM2 will identify phone secure type and warn user about possible ways
There is 2 options generaly – SafeFlash ( ONLY SAME FW VERSION! ) and stop flashing at all
Detection done BEFORE any operation with phone – that mean DEVICE COMPLETELY IN SAFE, if there is any problem can happen

– FW Reader Improved
MT6797 ( Helio X20 and Helio X25 ) support activated !
> Allow Read FACTORY FW from MT6797 and MT6797T phones
> FW read by CM2 is COMPLETELY like factory one
> FW read by CM2 contain ALL need parts, all need settings etc.
> FW read by CM2 NOT damage/destroy security/user/fota and etc settings, as always

New types supported
Brand-specific improvements
Files verification improved
MT6750, MT6755, MT6797: FW reader will verify and detected SECURED and SIGNED FW types
MT67xx, MT65xx, MT81xx: FW reader will verify and detected NORMAL and SECURED FW types
If you got message from CM2 after read FW – READ IT CAREFULY! It explain all what you need to know.
Warning: That firmwares CAN NOT be flashed with SPFT !

– Service:
Repair Security revised for secure devices
Format FS operation revised ( stuck problem fixed )
Format FS revised for Secure platforms ( complete part rebuild possible on signed and secured devices

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