Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 QLM/Qualcomm v1.00

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 QLM/Qualcomm v1.00 – Qualcomm Service Module started

Supported CPU types:
Qualcomm MSM 8909 (SnapDragon 210)
Qualcomm MSM 8916 (SnapDragon 410)

Supported operations:

– Read Info
Allow read full device info

– Read Firmware
Read device Firmware ( Complete and almost like factory-one! )
Firmware contain all need parts , which required for reflash/repair device
Firmware NOT damage any device functionality ( Fota etc )
Formware NOT damage any security settings in device

– Write Firmware
Write firmware allow flash device in any state ( alive, semi-dead, boot-dead etc. )
Allow write Factory Firmware ( Qualcomm factory images )
Allow write Infinity format Firmware

– Format FS/Reset Settings
Allow wipe/reset device to factory state
Allow reset FRP (Google Reset Protection )

– Read PatternLock
Allow read PatternLock sequence


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Infinity Chines Miracle – 2 Mediatek V1.33 Full Crack Free Download


 Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.33 – NAND Factory FW Read, MTK Anti-Virus, DataDirect LevelUp

MTK SP/FP Platform

– New feature supported : Smart AV – World First and Unique!
Allow: Erase all KNOWN and UNKNOWN YET viruses, which can inject their code in Android system (Monkey Tes,Time Service and much others)
NOT Require: ADB, USB Debug, Root, Power on also not required
Side Effect: For some type of viruses after remove – mobile will not be affected by those one!
Side Effect: Can REMOVE Root or Root Manager (SuperSu) in some cases!
Required after virus remove make “FULL FACTORY RESET”. All USER DATA will be DELETED! Backup it before operation!
Emergency requirement: If FW for target phone not available – MAKE FW READ BEFORE and mark it as “INFECTED_MTxxx_….” !

Supported Platforms:
SP: MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6580/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6595/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6753/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC

– New feature supported: NAND Factory Firmware Reading – World First and Unique!
Allow Read Factory-like scatter file for NAND phones with UBIFS FileSystem!
Supported platforms:
SP: MT6571/MT6572 with NAND

– DataDirect: New feature – Recovery Gallery! – World First and Unique!
Allow DIRECTLY Recover User Photos, Pictures
Allow DIRECTLY Recover User Recordings
Allow DIRECTLY Recover User Video records
Tested with recovery files up to 2 GiB per file!

Supported Platforms:
SP: MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6580/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6595/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6753/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC
FP: MT625A,MT6260,MT6261

NOTE: Feature NOT intended to recovery “garbage” content, like music etc.
NOTE: Some old android versions can be not supported yet

About DataDirect feature:
Feature allow recover UserData from damaged/hang/semi-dead MTK Phones and SmartPhones WITHOUT need even power on it!
– Internet connection IS NOT required – all data is private and safe.
– USB Debug/Root etc. IS NOT required – forget about root and rest stuff.
– Alive/working phone/Meta mode etc. IS NOT required
Phone can be completely dead (can not be Powered-On)
If phone can Boot and is not erased – data will be recovered
– Its not required to read our tons dumps and waste 20..200 minutes to read dump
Use any sw to extract something from dump, then … then .. then … Just ONE CLICK , 10-40 seconds and you got a result!

– UserData operations improved
PhoneBook Reading improved on SP platform – some older Android versions supported
PhoneBook Reading improved on FP platform – more types supported, autodetection improved

– Firmware reading improved
Brand-specific improvements
Autodetection improved
FP Firmware verification improved, more types supported
Supported Platforms for Factory FW Reading:
MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6580/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6595/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6753/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC
MT625A/MT6260/MT6261 with SF/NOR
MT6571/MT6572 with NAND supported
MT6580-Specific Improvements
Alcatel-Specific improvements

– Alcatel Pro-Info tool updated
Supported latest Alcatel SmartPhone models (inluding MT6580)

– Other
FlashID database updated
Some bugfixes and improvements
Many internal changes in different operations


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Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 Mediatek CM2 V1.58 Free Download


Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.58 – New models and features

Mediatek SP Platform:

– Flash Engine updated
MT6572, MT6582: Secure Flash Engine Enabled
Improved Secure Firmware Flashing support for MT67xx line
New factory file types supported

– Service:
FixDL operation improved
eMMC ReadOnly test improved
>Improved testing chaing, verification
>Enabled support for erased/damaged devices
In case of erased/damaged phone CM2 can now make forced test
It still safe and NOT destroy phone firmware

– Firmware reader engine updated
New types supported
Brand-specific changes

– New models included:
LG X135
LG X145
SPUnlock, Repair Security, Reset Settings, Forensic, UserLocks etc.
Flashing: Support ONLY Signed Factory Firmwares!
Do not need anymore hold volume keys etc.
Firmwares for supported secure phones you can find on support

– Other
FlashLoaders package updated
DRAM Init database updated. More new FlashTypes supported.
MT6573 and MT6575/MT6577 support has been broken. Fixed.
Other changes and improvements at all

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